Healthy Choice logo Our nutritious menus offer healthy meals and we were recently awarded a "Gold Award" from Kirklees for the fresh food and snacks that are provided to our children. All meals are freshly cooked. We provide 2 snacks of fresh fruit or sliced vegetables each day, together with breakfast that is served around 08:30, lunch at around 11:30 am for babies and 11:45 for tweenies and pre-school and tea at 15:30. Fresh water and milk are provided throughout the day.

Our Passion.

Our passion is to provide a nurturing, caring and stimulating environment where children are safe, respected and treated as individuals.

We strive to provide a setting where children can experience lots of outdoor space and get a thirst for learning whilst having FUN!

Each child is encouraged to socialise, gain confidence and to learn the basics in reading and writing and simple number work when they are comfortable and ready.

Outside photo of Little Acorns Day Nursery
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